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Learn More About the MBCN Mission to Empower

“When I was first diagnosed, I felt powerless, burdened and alone. I now know that I am not alone in experiencing the struggles, losses and complex emotions triggered by this disease. As a result of my work with MBCN, I feel stronger, supported and useful. Through advocating for increased awareness of metastatic breast cancer, helping you tell your stories and fighting for treatments to extend our lives, I feel a renewed sense of purpose.” –Joani Gudeman (1964-2014), MBCN’s Chair of Outreach and Volunteers

We share patient stories to inspire, inform and encourage people living with metastatic breast cancer. Knowing others are dealing with similar issues gives us all perspective. And telling your own story is a great gift–not only to others, but yourself.

As the MBC Alliance puts it, together we are stronger than the disease!